Upcoming Concerts





30th of June 06:00 PM

Askeby Church

Glittrande sväng


6th of July 10:00 AM

Varberg Church

Glittrande sväng


10th of  July 07:00 PM

Kungälvs Church

Glittrande sväng


4th of August 07:00 PM

Värö Church

Glittrande sväng


7th of August 06:00 PM

Landeryd Church

Glittrande sväng


21st of August 05:00 PM

Lönnås Church

Glittrande sväng


Previous Concerts




15 November 3:00 PM

Konstnärnas Kollektivverstad Göteborg


Hagstedt 40


31st of October 04:00 PM

Hillared Church

DuoMarinett and Choir


11th of October 06:00 PM

Vists Church


20th of September 05.00 PM

Skepplanda Church

DuoMarinett and Choir


9th of August 08:00 PM

Norra Vi church


19th of July 07:00 PM

Örgryte old church


12th of July 07:00 PM

Ambjörnarps Church


12th of July 05:00 PM

Tranemo Church


12th of July 03:00 PM

Mossebo Church


11th of July 05:00 PM

Gule Galleriet

Stavern, Norway


8th of July 08:00 PM

Eide Church, Norway


26th of April

Törnvalla Church

DuoMarinett and women's choir


Week 21 &22


Concerts at retirement homes and nursing homes in Gotenburg 


28th of June 06:00 PM

Vikingstad Church




23rd of November 6.00 PM

Vadstena Church

DuoMarinett and Vadstena Vocalis


24th of August 6.00 PM

Örtomta Church

"Svängiga och varma klanger"


10th of August 6.00 PM

Godegård Church

"Svängiga och varma klanger"


9th of August 2.00PM

Västerlösa Day


27th of July 7.00 PM

Förlanda Church

"Svängiga och varma klanger"


23rd of July 7.00 PM

Sandhult Church

"Svängiga och varma klanger"


22nd of Jult 7.30 PM

Skephult Church

"Svängiga och varma klanger"


29th of June 6.00 PM

Lundby New Church

"Svängiga och varma klanger"


1st of May 12.00 PM

Vasa Church, Gothenburg



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